Privacy policy and Protection

of Personal Data




ETABLISSEMENT LEGERON CLERJEAU TISSOT SARL, company with a capital of 7622.45 euros, registered in Commerce chamber of Paris by the number 309 344 265 and headquartered 20 rue des Petits Champs – 75002 PARIS, named « ETS LEGERON », host and edit the website (hereafter the “website”, which includes the processing and the storage of all data collected on the mentioned website


ETS LEGERON created this Policy of Confidentiality and personal Data protection in order to communicate its policy and its practices of collect, of use and disclosure of information about you, which will have been obtained on the website.


If you decide to use the website of online sale (Internet), you accept that ETS LEGERON collects, use and reveal information about you, including personal and financial information, under conditions defined in the present Policy of Confidentiality. If you refuse terms of this Policy of Confidentiality or any made modification, we ask you to leave the “website” and not to buy any product on sale on this “website”.


We ask you to read carefully this Policy of Confidentiality. ETS LEGERON can modify it constantly (see “Modifications and updates of the Policy of Confidentiality”).


Nature of the information collected on the website and their use by ETS LEGERON

Collected information are:


- Name, address, telephone number and emails and others financial information such as number of bankcard or credit card if you decide to buy Products on the “website” for products payment.


Information provided on the “Website” will be stored on ETS LEGERON’s server in France.


The shelf life of your personal information is 10 years. However, the number of your bankcard or your credit card, preserved in order to facilitate refunding by ETS LEGERON in case of exercise of the right of retraction, will be removed within 15 day from the reception of Product ordered.


It is possible for you to ask ETS LEGERON to remove personal information about you as soon as your order is treated and delivered by sending an email (see “Modifications and access to your personal information”). ETS LEGERON can collect non-personal information about you, even if you do not buy any product on the “website”.


ETS LEGERON can also communicate information you provide on the “website” to other subsidiary companies or entities of ETS LEGERON, so that these subsidiary companies or entities can contact you to offer Products that could interest you. If you do not wish to receive this information by email, you can let it ETS LEGERON know by addressing an email to or calling to + the 33 (0) 1 42 96 94 89 or to + the 33 (0) 1 42 96 88 13.


ETS LEGERON can also communicate information you provide on the “website” to thirds which provide services on this “website”. Thus, to ensure the authenticity of information concerning yourself, to authenticate payments and to check orders, ETS LEGERON can communicate to thirds in charge of these services, certain information financial and others that you gave.


ETS LEGERON is however not responsible for the policy of Confidentiality and personal data protection of thirds to which it transmitted those information and no responsibility could be incurred because of use or of the disclosure of this information by these thirds.


Reception of information

ETS LEGERON makes possible to receive information likely to interest you about Products presented on the “website” and also all new products. If you do not wish to receive this information anymore, you can inform us by warning our “Customer service” by email at the following address or calling to + the 33 (0) 1 42 96 94 89 or to + the 33 (0) 1 42 96 88 13.




The “website” can contain links to Internet websites of third.

ETS LEGERON does not have any control on the contents, the policy of confidentiality and personal data protection or the actions of those websites. The use of information that you can provide to thirds on other websites or these thirds can collect on other websites is excluded from this Policy of Confidentiality.

You must attentively examine the policy of confidentiality and personal data protection of third Internet websites. ETS LEGERON cannot be responsible for a third.



Witnesses of connection and Cookies


ETS LEGERON reserves the right to collect data on the Customer including by the use of cookies.


A cookie allow to record and follow data concerning your use of the “website”. ETS LEGERON uses cookies in order to identify you or to store your Products selection in your basket for example. Your navigator Internet manages cookies.

By following to use the “website”, you accept necessarily the setting of our cookies and recognize that you understand the terms of our policy concerning cookies.


You can modify anytime your preferences by modifying it in the “manage your preferences about cookies” section.




ETS LEGERON implemented safety measures to protect personal information you provide against the not - authorized accesses and uses.

Transactions concluded on the “website” are completely safe. However no data transmission on Internet is protected to 100% and the Customer must be aware of what all the information communicated on line can be potentially intercepted and used by other people that the desired recipient.


Modifications and updates of the Policy of Confidentiality and personal Data protection


By using the “website”, you accept the collect, the use and the disclosure of your information in the way described in this Policy of Confidentiality.

In case of modification or update of the Policy of Confidentiality, a corrected version will be online and it is up to you to be informed.



Modifications and personal information access


You can ask ETS LEGERON to modify, correct or remove information that you gave, by contacting the “Customer service” (see “Contact”).

If it is necessary, you must ensure to provide to ETS LEGERON updates or changes that you wish to see applied including those relating to your postal address and/or electronic one in order to allow us to dispatch your Products with the exact address and to contact you if need be.

ETS LEGERON can preserve for archiving needs the emails exchanged with the users of the “website”.





If you have any question about the Policy of Confidentiality and the personal Data protection, please contact us:


By email to the following address :


or by phone :

calling to  + 33 (0)1 42 96 94 89


or by mail to the following address :


20, rue des Petits Champs

75002 PARIS