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General terms and conditions


General terms and conditions of ETABLISSEMENT LEGERON CLERJEAU TISSOT SARL for the website


1. Preamble


The general terms and conditions herein (denominated hereby «  conditions ») are concluded between :


On one hand, ETABLISSEMENT LEGERON CLERJEAU TISSOT SARL, company with a capital of 7622,45 euros, registered in Paris commerce chamber with number 309 344 265 and headquartered 20 rue des Petits Champs 75002 Paris, hereby named « ETS LEGERON ».


On the other hand, Costumer who are final consumer, excluded salers or intermediary acting for salers account. Consequently, customer assumed acting for final consumer  and is not attending to resale ETS LEGERON ‘s products in a comercial purpose.

To buy customer will acess to the online shop website


ETS Legeron and costumer are named «  parts » hereby :


Parcels delivery  will be possible in mainly all countries in the world.


For information, ETS LEGERON sells their product ( herby named « products ») online through internet network ( « website ») and also in their store located 20 rue des petits champs 75002 Paris. ETS LEGERON will not provide printed catalog.


For any other sale, ETS LEGERON invite all internet user to contact us ETS LEGERON located 20 rue des Petits Champs 75002 Paris and by phone also +33 (0) 1 42 96 94 89.


Online products provided in the online shop (named hereby «  website ») is subjected to the present general terms and conditions of sale (« general terms and conditions ») and if the costumer isn’t the final consumer, he will not be able to purchase on our online shop « website ».


The access to the website, its use and its purchasing composed all activities dealed by the costumer for its personal use; meaned personal use has to no professional or sales activities.



2. Object


General terms and conditions hereby define terms of sales between ETS LEGERON and its costumers.  It settles all needed steps of booking an order and assures the follow-up of this order between parts.


ETS LEGERON can at any moment update its general terms and conditions of sales. You can peruse anytime the last version of general terms and conditions of sale in the « website ». The current general terms and conditions of sale at the moment of the purchasing are the one valid.


3. Field of Application


3.1 definitions

General terms and conditions hereby deal with the sale of products available on the website the day of the order by the costumer.


All deliveries, provisions and offers of ETS LEGERON are exclusively governed by general terms and conditions hereby, unless a convention expressly and written otherwise.


ETS LEGERON is against other general terms or particularly contrary or dispensatory to those general terms. If general terms would to be different because of costumer quality, those differences would be written in a special convention allowed by ETS LEGERON.


The term “open days” in the meaning of hereby general terms and conditions of sale indicates all days of the week except Saturdays, Sundays and bank holydays.


3.2 Capacity to contract

The product purchase on the online shop website of the company ETS LEGERON isn’t an everyday life management act, it is reminded under section 1124 of Civil Rights, all costumer of ETS LEGERON declare to be on is own capacity to contract on terms described below, in other words to be emancipated minor or to have the legal majority and not to be protected by the section 488 of the civil rights.


3.3 General terms and conditions of sale acceptance by costumer

General terms hereby can be read directly on the website On demand, it can be sent by email.


The fact for the French or foreign costumer to check: “ I duly note and agree the general terms and conditions of sale” before to validate his order drag automatically to the express acceptance without restrictions or reserves of general terms hereby and accept it that worth renunciation to it own general terms.


In the same way, the fact to check indicates the acceptance of general terms and conditions of sale, acceptance of confidentiality policy and personal data protection on the website





4. Registration conditions


4.1 Registration

During the costumer’s registration, the costumer commits himself to provide exact and complete indications. The Login and the password allow to access to the website are confidential and would not be disclosed to a third. ETS LEGERON will not be charged for any loss, theft or any fraudulent use of your customer account, should this happen you commit yourself to inform immediately.


After to click on the “create an account” button, the costumer will receive an inscription confirmation email.


4.2 Publication

The costumer is the only responsible for contains that he will publish on his member-reserved access. Those contains will not be against thirds rights and not to infringe upon public order and public decency. ETS LEGERON is not forced to conserve or publish contains transmitted by the costumer, for example comments or products assessment.


4.3 Illegal handling

The costumer commit himself not to disconcert the website and to use all data available on this website only for browse. Any illegal manipulation in order to obtain undue payments or any other advantages at the cost of ETS LEGERON or of any member of the website will lead to the loss of your access to your costumer account.


4.4 Account Management

Each costumer is allowed to create only one account. In case, we are allowed to erase without noticing it any multiple account with a formal notice to concerned costumers to cancel their registration or to erase or modify immediately information that infringe section 4.1 to 4.4.


4.5 Account Avoidance

Subscription to the website is free and the costumer can cancel it anytime. It is possible to erase your account by sending an email with your request to ( Cf “Confidentiality Policy and Personal data protection” charter)


4.6 Denied

ETS LEGERON is allowed to deny registration access to the website and any order by a costumer member. We are not forced to provide our offer permanently. It is specified that our product are luxurious and mainly unique.


Sales contracts already concluded will not be affected by a potential website interruption.






5. Browse and download of terms


5.1 Browse

The costumer can browse anytime hereby general terms and conditions on our website You can print or save this document.


5.2 Data conservation by costumer

The costumer has the possibility to file conditions of its order by downloading the terms and saving it, or the order recapitulation in the online store with your browser, or the order email confirmation sent automatically after his purchase to the email address communicated. This order confirmation will contain order references and also a link to refer to hereby terms. The order confirmation can be saved or printed directly on your mailbox.


5.3 Data modification

Customer’s data orders are saved on our system. We provide to each costumer an access to his account, secured by a password (click on “my account”). Ones the account created, the costumer can consult former orders, on process or recently sent and can manage and save information about him (postal address, phone number, bank account information) and subscribe to our newsletter or to unsubscribe. The customer commits himself to keep access data to customer account and not to communicate it to third.




6.1 product characteristics

According to section L111-1 of consumption code, ETS LEGERON endeavor to present the best way, on product’s technical files, essential characteristics of those ones which the costumer will learn about before purchasing on the website.


Information and characteristics are the ones provided by ETS LEGERON and suppliers about matters and used materials for confection of products. ETS LEGERON is not responsible for invalid data provided by suppliers.


ETS LEGERON can modify the selection of products according to constraints from suppliers about some materials, fabrics, metals (precious or not), crystal, feathers, gems, lace and embroidery…


Information and photographs are provided for information only and are principally the ones given by suppliers about used materials.


Beside contrary information specified on the website, all products sold by ETS LEGERON are new, and conform to present European Community legislation and norms applicable in France.


The website not allow to take special orders which consist in creating a specific product or adapting one from ETS LEGERON’s collection. General terms and conditions hereby will not be applicable for special orders. For any special order, please contact our “customer care” available by phone +33 (0) 1 42 96 94 89 and +33(0) 1 42 96 88 13.


6.2 Order date

The order date used to be the exact one of the validation of the order by customer in the case of an online credit card payment.


Time limit fixed on the website begin from this order date described bellow. However, product availability stays the one indicated on the website insofar as the order has been validated online on the website and the date of order (effective payment) intervenes on a reasonable time limit after the order validation date.


6.3 Price

For each product, the selling prices are indicated in euros including tax and except shipping costs. Apart from the case of refunding carried out within the framework of the exercise of the right of retraction, ETS LEGERON will not refund the VAT applied to the purchases carried out on the website (even if the purchaser, after reception, forwards the Products for a third country with the European Union).


The selling prices take into account the VAT applicable to the day of the order. Any change of the applicable rate could be reflected on the prices of the Products after the date of application of the new applicable rate.


Suppliers price list of ETS LEGERON being in constant evolution, prices posted on the website are likely to be modified constantly. They are also likely to be modified because of the particularly noble and delicate matters used and owing to the fact that products on the website are generally unique.


They are also likely variable because of price of launching, promotions or balances.


All prices are given subject to manifest typographical error.


The applicable price is that indicated on the website to the registration date of the order by the Customer.


Except contrary express and written convention the price is payable cash, entirely at the day of the order by the Customer. ETS LEGERON will not be held to carry out the delivery of the products ordered by the Customer if the price were not paid beforehand entirely. Except contrary stipulation, ETS LEGERON will not allow any discount to the Customer.


6.4 Shipping costs

Shipping costs are the responsibility of the Customer and are invoiced according to the weight of the parcel, the place of delivery and the hauler or transportation mode selected.


They are indicated to the Customer before the final recording of the order.


Shipping costs are available on the site in the heading “delivery”.


6.5 Gifts delivery

Gifts can be offered but it is only a possibility, ETS LEGERON is not committed to offer gifts to its Customers.


Gifts can be offered according to the bought Product. These gifts are listed on the pages of those specified products or in the personalized offer of the Customer.


If a data-processing problem would involve a duplication of discounts or gifts, the invoice would be blocked until regularization of the payment or cancellation of the order.


Discount, promotion codes, or gifts are valid within the limit of the dates of validity mentioned either on the website, or in the mail or the email accompanying the description of the special offer, and within the limit of stocks available. 


If the customer is entitled to gifts, it must take care that they are registered on the purchase order. If it is not the case, it must contact the “Customer service” of ETS LEGERON in load all the expenses related with these gifts, including shipping costs.

Gifts are neither guaranteed, neither picked up, nor exchanged.


6.6 Ordering process

 The Customer can place his order at ETS LEGERON via Internet network on the website


Following the selection of desired Products, you fill an order form and must click on the icon “next”. After that you will have the possibility of checking specificities of the order and modify it.


You will also be able to choose the country of delivery and the mode of delivery which you wish, which will quote the amount of delivery costs and thus the total amount to pay. The zone and the delivery costs could however be modified thereafter if you wish it, the total amount will be updated consequently according to your choices.


Then, the button “Confirm the order” enables you to confirm your order of goods contained in the basket so the order becomes final then.


Any placing of order is worth acceptance of the prices and descriptions of products, which you will have placed in the basket. The Customer is aware that “Any placing of order obliges with its payment”.


6.7 Availability of Products


Offers of Products and prices are valid as long as they appear on the “website” and the Products are available within the limit of stocks available at ETS LEGERON and/or subject to stocks available from the supplier.


The availability of a Product can vary very quickly according to the sales. ETS LEGERON carries out a very frequent update of availabilities; more precise information can be given to the Customer by phone or email.


The unavailability of a Product is also mentioned on the page of the Product concerned. Thus, the Products will appear with a mention on a frame of the time of forwarding as “4 to 9 days”, “6 to 12 days”, “7 to 15 days”, “2 to 4 weeks”, “In rupture”, “Product non available”, etc.


Moreover, the Customer can check the date of last update of the Produit card which appears in bottom of this one, and thus of the last update of the availabilities of stocks, guarantees of a more faithful interpretation of these availabilities.


However, the availability can also vary in the same day according to the level of the sales. Thus, mistakes, changes or variations can exceptionally exist, in particular in the case of simultaneous orders of the same Product by several customers.


In this case of unavailability of the Product after making of your order, ETS LEGERON will inform you by email as soon as possible, while proposing to you either to order another Product present on the “website” to replace the unavailable Product, or to cancel your order.


In the same way, if ETS LEGERON cannot obtain a Product ordered on behalf of its suppliers, it will notify to the Customer the delay envisaged by email as soon as possible. This last will be able to then choose to cancel its order, on the basis of this new information or to choose another Product in replacement, which is available on the “website”.


No cancellation penalty will be applied for such order cancellation related to the unavailability of a Product.


ETS LEGERON does not incur any responsibility in the event of unavailability or out-of-stock condition of the Products for orders not yet accepted by ETS LEGERON.


ETS LEGERON has any latitude to change constantly and without notice the Products offered on the website.


In order to ensure a better quality of service and availability of its Products near its Customers, ETS LEGERON reserves the right to limit the quantity of the Products being purchased by a Customer, it in conformity with the applicable provisions on the matter and in particular those of the L122-1 Article of the Code of Consumption.


6.8. Confirmation of order

An email is automatically sent to the Customer in order to confirm the order taking provided the electronic address indicated in the form of inscription does not contain an error.


ETS LEGERON does not send confirmation of orders by mail or fax.


7. Payment


7.1 Payment

Except contrary express and written convention the price is payable cash, entirely at the day of the placing of the order. ETS LEGERON will not be held to carry out the delivery of the products ordered by the Customer if the price were not paid beforehand entirely.


Consequently, ETS LEGERON draws the attention of the Customer whom the making of an order means explicitly that it comprises an obligation of payment.


At the end of the process of order, the following modes of payment could be proposed to you to pay your purchases on the website

-           The bank card (Blue Chart)

 -          The credit card (Visa, Mastercard)


The Customer guarantees to company ETS Legeron that it has the possible authorizations necessary to use the mode of payment chosen by him.


According to the result of the analysis of the degree of confidence of the transaction, ETS LEGERON will be reserved not to propose certain mean of payment.


Whatever is the mode of payment, which the Customer will choose; ETS LEGERON will consider any payment as final only after effective and complete cashing of the sums. ETS LEGERON does not take charges of costs related with payments coming from third country.


Except contrary stipulation, we do not allow any discount.


7.2 Delay of payment

 In case of denied by the bank of a flow blue chart or another means of payment, it is up to the Customer to contact the service in order to regulate its order by any means of payment.


If the payment does not intervene in the two (2) weeks following the sending of the confirmation of order in spite of one or more recalls by e-mail (of which the first is generally sent six days after the order), ETS LEGERON has the right automatically to declare the resolution unilateral of the contract and to thus cancel the order. In case of resolution of the contract, ETS LEGERON is not obliged any more to deliver the ordered goods: no right will be born from the contract for one or the other of the parts. This means that the articles ordered by the Customer will be reserved for fourteen (14) days maximum time from the order.


7.3 Banking data processing

Information in connection with your order is the subject of an automated processing of data for which the person in charge is FIA-NET S.A.


This automated processing of data has to define a level of analysis of a transaction and to fight against the fraud with credit card payments. FIA-NET S.A. and ETS LEGERON are the recipients of the data in connection with your order.


The non-transmission of the data related with your order prevents the realization and your transaction analyzes. The supervening of unpaid because of a fraudulent use of a bankcard will involve the inscription of information related with your order associated with this unpaid in a payment incidental file managed by FIA-NET S.A.

An irregular declaration or an anomaly could also be the subject of a specific treatment. In accordance with the Data-processing law and Freedoms of January 6, 1978 the Customer lays out, constantly, of a right of access, of correction, and opposition to the whole of it personal data while writing, by mail and by justifying your identity, to FIA-NET - Data processing department and freedoms - Treatments n° 1080905 - 39, rue Saint-Lazare, 75009 PARIS.


The Purchases carried out on the website of will be delivered within thirty (30) maximum day as from the reception of the payment.


7.4 Invoice

The purchase order, which the customer establishes online or the order confirmation sent by email to the Customer by ETS LEGERON do not act as invoice. Whatever the means of order and payment adopted, the Customer receives the original invoice with the delivery of the Products, in its parcel.


7.5 Transfer of property

 ETS LEGERON remains owner of the Products delivered until their complete payment by the Customer. The provisions above do not make obstacle, from the delivery of the Products, to the transfer to the Customer risks of loss, theft or deterioration of the Products is subjected to the reserve of property and also the damage it could cause.


8. Right to withdraw


 8.1 Withdrawal period

 In accordance with the L121-21 articles, L121-21-1 and L121-21-2 of the code of consumption, our Customers consuming have deadline a 14 days from the date of reception of the goods to exert their right to withdraw without having to justify reasons nor to pay penalties, except the expenses of return. At the end of this period, you will not be able to exert your right to withdraw any more.


8.2 Exercise of the right to withdraw


 The exercise of the right to withdraw can be exerted by the Customer, before the expiry of the 14 days period mentioned in article 8.1, by addressing to ETS LEGERON an email claiming the aforementioned right to withdraw to the address by taking care to identify clearly the Product (S), object of the exercise of this right.


At the end of this period, you will not be able to exert your right to withdraw any more.


8.3 Consequence of the right to withdraw: return of goods


 For any return of goods, ETS LEGERON requires the Customer to address the goods, at his expenses, to the following address: ETS LEGERON, 20 rue des Petits Champs 75002 PARIS, France.


Goods must be returned in their original packing and in perfect condition allowing their marketing in mint condition. The Customer has the right to open packing and to test the delivered products insofar as that does not make the goods unsuitable to marketing. For hygiene reasons, Products will have to be returned to ETS LEGERON not used, if not refunding could not be carried out and the right to withdraw will not be able to apply according to the article L121-21-8 5°du Code of consumption.


8.4 Refunding

 In case of the exercise of the right to withdraw within the time referred above, the price of the Products returned will be completely refunded to the Customer by bank transfer on the account which the Customer will have indicated as soon as possible and at the latest in the fourteen (14) days following the date on which ETS LEGERON takes note of the right to withdraw exerted. ETS LEGERON is committed refunding you the Product and also expenses of standard delivery.


Refunding cannot be done with a purchase voucher or a credit note except at the request of the customer.


Please however note that your bank can apply an additional time during refunding.


9. The delivery


 9.1 Forwarding time

 Orders taken online via the site are raised every morning from Monday to Friday. ETS LEGERON treats in a day all the presetting orders of the day before until the hour of the statement.


The order preparation can last in theory up to two (2) days including in particular the order treatment, the Products preparation, packing and invoicing before to forward the product available.

However, according to the adopted mode of payment, the delivery time can be different:

-           For a payment online by bankcard, the delivery time is two (2) days; ETS LEGERON informs its Customers that these deadlines do not include Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.


An email is automatically sent to Customers at the time of the Products forwarding in condition that the electronic address indicated in the form of inscription does not contains an error.


9.2 Delivery time

Delivery time depend on the carrier chosen by the Customer.


ETS LEGERON informs the Customers of the deadlines which are announced to him by the selected carrier. This indicative information is given when the customer choose the means of transport or carrier at the end of the process of order online, before the validation of the order.


However, ETS LEGERON informs its Customers the announced times of delivery do not include Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.


9.3 Delivery period

 Delivery times posted on the Products cards are indicative. They are confirmed during the order (to refer in the paragraph “availability of the Products”) and after the payment of the order.


If the forwarding time could not be held, a new time will then be communicated to the Customer, according to the data known by ETS LEGERON.


However, it is specified that a maximum time of 30 days delivery will be envisaged from the date of reception of the payment.


9.4 Conditioning

Products are conditioned so as to respect standards of transport, and to ensure an optimal protection of the Products during their delivery. It is requested to the Customer to respect these same standards in case of a return of Product that in a service after sale, or a return because the application of the right to withdraw.


ETS LEGERON reserves the right to claim a partial or total refunding  of the Product in case of impossibility to resale it.


9.5 Order tracking

The Customer can constantly consult the state of its order on the site by consulting its account. This tracking permits the Customer to follow the state of treatment of its order, but also the condition of forwarding or delivery of its parcels. This delivery tacking is carried out in interface with carriers tacking web systems.


ETS LEGERON could not thus be held responsible for unavailability or errors affecting information provided by its carriers. ETS LEGERON endeavors nevertheless to make this information clearest possible and to provide a reliable transport.


The Customer can constantly contact the sales department of ETS LEGERON, on its opening hours, in order to be informed of the tacking of his order.


9.6 Service delivery

 ETS LEGERON provide to its customers different carriers. These modes of delivery can be consulted with more precisely on the site in the heading “Logistics-delivery”.


However, ETS LEGERON recalls to its Customers that:


-           The address of delivery (which perhaps will be different to the invoice address) must be exact and mention all the precise details necessary to a good delivery;

-           For a delivery by appointment, the Customer must clearly inform a telephone number to which he is easily reachable;

-           For a delivery of bulky materials, it is the Customer responsibility to make sure of accessibility to the place, stage or the spot of delivery and to inform ETS LEGERON or the carrier at the time of the appointment. If the delivery could not be carried out for reasons of accessibility, ETS LEGERON could not be held responsible;

-           An error of address or delivery, of place of delivery, accessibility of the place, telephone number for the appointment, of absence of the Customer, or any other problem involving the need for carrying out a new delivery will be the subject of an invoicing to the costs of the new delivery, the payment of these additional expenses only will allow the new delivery.


9.7 Problems of delivery and delay

 Any defect or delay of delivery higher than the delivery periods mentioned in articles 9.1 and 9.2 must be announced to our “Customer service” as soon as possible.


In case of non-delivery of the Product ordered within 30 days maximum from the order validation online and its payment, you can cancel the order, simply by e-mail or registered letter to the following address:



20 rue des Petits Champs

75002 PARIS



 ETS LEGERON will then be held to refund you the totality of the amount, at the latest fourteen (14) day following the date of denunciation of the sale contract. If you receive nevertheless the Product after having used this faculty, you will have to return it according to methods of return envisaged in article 8.


You must check the conformity of the Products at the time of the delivery and indicate, if possible on the delivery order, in the form of handwritten reserves accompanied by your signature the possible noted anomalies (opened package, product damaged etc.).


You must then contact the “Customer service” accessible by e-mail on our “website” through the section “Contact us” who allows to address an email, or by telephone + 33 (0) 1 42 96 94 89 from Monday to Friday (except public holidays), 10 a.m. to 12 and 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.


In case of non-conformity of the bought Products or if they do not give you satisfaction, you can return them or request an exchange or a refunding under the conditions envisaged on article 8.


10. Guarantees ETS LEGERON


 10.1 Defects with the delivery


 -          Delays of deliveries due to the carrier


In case of delay of delivery compared to the time announced by the carrier, the Customer must contact in priority the carrier or the office in charge in the case of the Post office. It can however on a purely informative basis inform ETS LEGERON but this information will not engage ETS LEGERON on whatever.


ETS LEGERON is famous for achieving its obligation at the moment the parcel is given to to the carrier and its responsibility could not be required in the event of faults, failures and negligence of the carrier.



-           Damaged parcels


The Customer must imperatively refuse any damaged parcel, by indicating it in handwritten observations detailed, dated and explicit, if necessary by taking a photograph, and accompanied by its signature on the delivery form.


In the absence of reserve in the 3 days as from the reception of the parcel, the delivery will be considered accepted by the Customer.


In case of damaged parcels, the customer will have, after emission of these reserves, to inform ETS LEGERON but this information will not engage ETS LEGERON on whatever.


-           Strikes

 In case of strike of the postal services, of carriers or any other exceptional event slowing down or preventing the delivery of the parcels, ETS LEGERON will put all the means possible to inform the Customer of the forward of its parcel, but could not be held responsible for delays caused.


10.2 Legal guarantee


 ETS LEGERON informs its Customers that they have, on all Products, the legal guarantees envisaged by the L211-4 articles to L211-13 of the Code of Consumption and articles 1641 to 1648 of the civil code, other than all other guarantees:

-           Legal guarantee of conformity: ETS LEGERON will deliver to the customer a Product in conformity with what was presented on the “website” and free from defect of conformity during the delivery, In that sense the Product will show the characteristics presented during the ordering and its acceptance. This guarantee will take place only in condition that the Customer makes the request within two (2) year from the delivery. The defects of conformity that appear within 6 month from the delivery are supposed to exist the delivery time, except contrary proof.


-           Legal guarantee against latent defects: ETS LEGERON will deliver to the Customer a Product free from latent defects which would make it unsuitable for use or which decrease so much this use, that the Customer would not have acquired it, or would have given a lower price, if he had known them. This guarantee will be available only on the condition that the Customer makes the request within two year from the discovery of that vice.


In all cases, it will be up to the customer to prove that he fulfill well all guarantee conditions.


The satisfaction of the Customers is essential for ETS LEGERON; the customer can contact ETS LEGERON with the information hereafter. ETS LEGERON will examine the request as soon as possible and will contact you after reception of the documents and/or the request or complaint.


Thus, in case of defect of conformity and latent defects you will have to return to us the Product (S) to the following address by indicating the order references (its number), your customer reference, and by transmitting a copy of the invoice to us:


20, rue des Petits Champs

75002 PARIS


Phone: 01 42 96 94 89

From Monday to Friday (10 a.m to 12 and 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.)



 We indicate to you that in case of absence of response from ETS LEGERON within eight (8) business days (indicative time for ETS LEGERON), we invite you to contact us again. Indeed, it can happen that the anti-spam filter of our information processing system would block certain e-mail.


10.3 Responsibility

 ETS LEGERON is released for its obligations for delivery in case of absolute necessity.


ETS LEGERON declines any responsibility for the diverted use or the misuse of the Products that the Customer ordered.


The sites connected directly or indirectly to the website are not under the control of ETS LEGERON. Consequently, ETS LEGERON does not assume any responsibility for information published on these sites. The bonds with third sites are provided only as convenience and do not imply any guarantee of their contents.


In no way, ETS LEGERON could not be held responsible for any consequential damage, incidental or additional, and in particular, without that being restrictive, the trading loss, loss of profit or chance resulting from the purchase of Products on the “Website”.


ETS LEGERON cannot guarantee:

-           That the “Website” is free from virus, crushing programs of data,

-           That information contained in the “website” is exact, complete or up to date.


The “website” can contain technical inaccuracies or other defects, ETS LEGERON does not guarantee the correction of these defects. The “website” and its contents are presented “as it stands” and “according to availabilities”.




11. Personal data and Policy of confidentiality


 Visitors or Customers of the website constantly have a right of access, of modification, correction and deletion of data which relate to them.


During the inscription of the Customer or an order, or within other specific operations, ETS LEGERON suggest to visitors or to Customers to receive his newsletter, its promotional offers, and/or to be registered to be informed its “sales event”. The visitor or Customer can whenever modify his subscription through his personal account, or through the hypertext link appearing in bottom of the offers received by email.


ETS LEGERON can also suggest to its visitors or Customers to receive promotional offers of its partners. ETS LEGERON reserves the right to collect Customers data by the use of the cookies. ETS LEGERON proposes explicitly to the visitor or to Customer to be opposed to the disclosure of these personal data and can constantly modify its choice on the website or by contacting the “Customer service” of ETS LEGERON.


It is expressly indicated that the document concerning the “Policy of Confidentiality” and “personal Data protection” of ETS LEGERON is downloadable on the “website” that the visitor or Customer has the knowledge.


12. Intellectual property


 Contents of the website such as, for example, works, images, photographs, dialogues, music, sounds and videos, documents, drawings, figures, logos and other materials, whatever their form, published on this “website”, including “menus”, Internet pages, graphics, colors, screens, instruments, characters and Internet website design, diagrams,  “layouts”, methods, “processes”, functions and the software which belong to the “website”, are protected by the royalty, drawings and models, marks, and patents, software and by all other right of intellectual ownership of ETS LEGERON. They are the exclusive property of ETS LEGERON.


The reproduction, total or partial, whatever the form, of and its contents, is subjected to the express agreement, preconditioned and written, of ETS LEGERON.


It is to you expressly forbidden to reproduce partially or completely, whatever the process is, to distribute, publish, transmit, modify or sell whole or a part of the contents of the website or to create derived works from it.


Products on sale on the website are protected by the royalty, drawings and models, brands, and patents, and by all other right of ownership intellectual belonging to ETS LEGERON. They are the exclusive property of ETS LEGERON.









The brand “LEGERON”, the semi-figurative brand, all other brands and logos related to ETS LEGERON, deposited or not, posted on the “website”, all domain names of which is titular ETS LEGERON are and will remain the exclusive property of ETS LEGERON.


Any reproduction, distribution, transmission, modification or use of these brands without express agreement of ETS LEGERON, for some reason, is prohibited.


It is forbidden to remove any opinion of royalty, of brand or other exclusive rights of the “website” or of any content there.



Anyone having an Internet website wishing to place on her website a direct link to the website must request the authorization from ETS LEGERON. An authorization given by ETS LEGERON will not constitute an implicit convention of affiliation and will not be on a final basis. On request from ETS LEGERON, this link will have to be taken off.


Any hypertext link returning to the website and using techniques of  “framing” or “in-line linking” is formally prohibited.


13. Entirety of the Conditions


 A legislation change, regulation or a decision of court making one or more clauses of these General terms and Conditions of Sale null and void could not affect the validity of these General terms and Conditions of Sale. A change or report will not be able to authorize the Customer not to follow these General terms and Conditions of Sale nor the Policy of Confidentiality and personal Data protection.


If a condition was not explicitly mentioned, it would be regarded by the current uses in the sector of distance selling and Internet whose ETS LEGERON has its headquarters in France.


14. Duration and application


Present Conditions apply to any purchase carried out in the website as long as the store is on line.


ETS LEGERON can constantly modify the present Conditions, precisely dated. The applicable Conditions are those in force at the date of the registration of the order.


15. Territoriality and applicable law


Contractual relations between ETS LEGERON and our customers are exclusively subjected to the French right.


Competent courts from our headquarters are exclusively qualified. We however reserve ourselves the right to assign the Customer in front of courts of his residence.


16. General conditions of use


 The “website” is managed by ETS LEGERON. ETS LEGERON can constantly modify and update the present General Conditions of Use and the Policy of Confidentiality. The current General Conditions of Use and the Policy of Confidentiality at the time of the use of the “website” are those which are opposable.


You can take note constantly of the current version of the General terms and Conditions of sale and the Policy of Confidentiality by clicking on the links “General Conditions of Sale” and “Policy of confidentiality” present on the homepage of the Information heading.